Uganda Gorilla Safaris

The Mountain Gorilla(Berengei Berengei) is the Largest among the African Primates living at altitudes of 2000 metres up to over 3,500 metres above sea Level. In Africa, Mountain Gorillas live in an area of dense vegetation and Volcanic Mountains spread out between Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. In Uganda, you will find the mountain gorillas in Bwindi Forest National Park. In the past, tourists would track the gorillas in Mgahinga National Park.


Mountain Gorillas live mostly on the ground and move on their Fours. The Gorillas are adapted to living in the mountains probably due to their muscular arms and legs, Fur allover their bodies apart from areas on their faces, a well developed huge chest, Massive hands and feet. A layer of fat underneath the Mountain Gorilla Skins protects the Gorillas from the cold temperatures that sometimes drop to almost freezing.


Our Gorilla safaris feature the Mountain Gorilla Habitats of Bwindi, Mgahinga, Volcanoes and Virunga National Parks. It should be noted that Mountain Gorillas under go a process referred to as habituation whereby, the gorillas, over a period of time are approached on a regular basis by trained personnel up to the time they get used to the presence of human beings and accepting them around their own.


They most move on the ground in families comprising of a dominant Male (silver back) a couple of females, females, juveniles and baby gorillas. Mountain Gorillas are black in color and do have rough `black skins, face and have their anal areas without fur.  Mountain Gorillas do have black fur over their bodies and are easily identified by their large nostrils, and thickset eyes with a pronounced crest on their heads. Individuals do have a different nose print pattern  from each other which is used in identifying the family members.


The Mountain Gorilla weighs around 100 to about 260 kilos. Males do develop gray hair over their backs when they reach their maturity age. However, only one dominant silver back leads the family. This silver coat of hair is shorter than the other hair on other body parts.


Gorillas are 99% vegetarian and spend most of their time on the ground on which they make a sleeping nest on a daily basis. The dominant male(silver-back) is usually gentle and would never attack unless attacked. He does however mock charge on some occasions as a way of showing his dominance over the gorilla group.


Gorillas normally move in a group led by the Silver-back. They are quadrupedal but at times can stand on two legs during chest thumping and fighting or courtship displaying. Their arms are slightly longer than their legs and Adults rarely climb trees although it has been noted that of late, the entire family sometimes gets high in trees in search of fruiting figs and other food.