Mgahinga National Park, Golden Monkey trekking Uganda


The Mountain gorilla sanctuary of Mgahinga National park is located at the uganda, rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo border. This park offers some Mountain Gorilla safaris as well as birdwatching, Mountain trekking, Cave hiking and scenic hikes.


The park comprises of 3 Volcanoes that can be trekked either as day trips with an option of an overnight safari on one of the highest Volcano. These volcanoes are Mount Gahinga at 3400metres above sea level, Mount Muhabura at 4127 metres and Mount Sabyinyo at 3645 metres.


The National park is comprised of 3 zones:  The lower part of the Mgahinga National park occupies an area of grass, thickets, bush and scattered trees. This was initially an area inhabited by the local population. It is regenerating into forest and Bamboo thickets.


The next area is the Bamboo zone characterized by Montane vegetation and Bamboo forests. It is in this area that most of the Golden Monkey colonies are found during the trekking expeditions.


The final area that stretches towards the peaks is the Alpine region of mostly barren ground that comprises of Giant lobelia with groundsels and some volcanic lakes and at times snow covered peaks.


The Park boasts of over 40 specied of Mammals and more that 80 species of birds. The nocturnal

Animals in the park include Elephant, Cape Buffalo, Bush pig and leopard. Others are the Golden Monkeys as well as the Mountain Gorillas.


Birdlife is also prolific in this area with the special bird in the area being the Rwenzori Turaco.and the Crowned Hornbill.






Another activity in the Mgahinga National park is Golden Monkey trekking. A group of trekkers start the early walk through the Forest following a troop of about 30 individuals of golden Monkeys. These rare species allied to the Blue Monkeys are followed for about an hour, They are a threatened or endangered species of Monkeys that inhabit the Virunga and Volcanoes of East and Central Africa.





Gorilla Resort Bwindi – A private Intimate tented camp with private showers, balconies with the best views of the Impenetrable forest. Usually frequented by Mountain gorilla families and a good place to spot wild chimpanzees, rare forest birds and the River Munyaga.


Dian Fossey Gorilla Camp:         This is a future project for a luxurious private tented camp in the Rushaaga and Nkuringo area. The area is next to the edge of the forest with a private well where forest elephants and Mountain gorillas frequent.