Uganda primate safari, Chimping and gorilla trek, – 15 days

Day one:    Upon arrival at Entebbe International Airport, our representative will meet you with a placard as soon as you exit from the immigrations desk. You will later be driven to your overnight hotel at the edge of Lake Victoria, where it is possible to find some red tailed monkeys in the forest patches towards your Hotel. Your guide will be able to do a briefing on the way to the hotel and will finalize your pick up time for the next day’s travel. Overnight at the Lake Victoria Serena Hotel. Meals are not included this day, as the room is booked on a bed and breakfast basis.


Day Two:    Morning breakfast at your hotel before meeting your guide for the departure to the ferry crossing point near the airport. You will board the scheduled ferry, which departs for the Ssese Islands in the mid morning arriving in the islands after 3 hours of sailing. You will be met on arrival before having a short excursion on the virgin tropical Islands with white sand beaches. Dinner and overnight at Brovad White Sands Lodge.



Day Three:      Morning breakfast, then meet your guide who will transfer you to the walking trails in the tropical rain forests. You will be trekking to find colonies of the Black and White colubus monkeys. If lucky, you may spot the young babies which are born with white fur and only the black markings showing up, as the monkeys grow. You will also see large troops of black faced vervet monkeys that can be seen on fuit trees in the forest section of the Islands. In the afternoon after lunch, you may have the afternoon visiting the local fishing communities, or simply relaxing by the swimming pool in these tropical Islands,  enjoying Tilapia or the Nile Perch fish. Meals and overnight at the Brovad White Sands Lodge.


Day Four:         Breakfast at the lodge and transfer by ferry to Nyendo, where you will drive to Mbarara for lunch. The long drive through Ntungamo is through large herds of the Ankole Long Horn cattle. You will drive through the mountainous region of scenic beauty before the winding road leads you to Kisoro town. Arrive for dinner and overnight at the Travelers Rest Kisoro.


Day Five:           The morning after breakfast, your guide will be ready to depart for the starting point at the slopes of the Volcanoes. The briefing of the golden monkey trek is conducted at the park offices, before the visiting party starts the half day trekking experience as the guides lead the team through the Bamboo forests. You will be looking out for the exposed Bamboo shoots that have been eaten by these endangered animals. The golden monkeys are highly social and can be seen moving in groups of over 50 individuals. They are very playful and spend most of their days playing on the ground. You may also spot the Olive Baboons on the trail, while the odd Cape Buffalo may have to be scared off by a round from your guide. In the afternoon, return to your hotel for lunch, before dinner and overnight at the Travelers Rest Kisoro.


Day six:             After breakfast, you will drive through the Impenetrable forests into the Bwindi forest arriving in the early afternoon. Later, with a guide you will have a forest walk at the Ruhija sector, where a family of Lhoest monkeys have been undergoing habituation. The entire afternoon will be spent on a nature walk, looking for these monkeys. Later, have your meals and overnight at the Gorilla Mist Camp in Ruhija.


Day Seven:         Morning walk in the ruhija national park, across the forest margins, where it is possible to see more of the l’hoest monkeys and Black and white colubus monkeys. The forest, also comes alive with the odd sightings of the Forest duikers, Butterflies, birds or if lucky, the forest Elephants or Mountain gorilla. Later, the easy drive leads out to the Buhoma area where lunch will be at the your camp. The afternoon can be spent on the self guided walks around the park. Overnight accommodation at the Gorilla’s Resort Bwindi Camp.


Day Eight:           Morning breakfast and proceed to the forest edge for a briefing. This is the only forest in the world where the chimpanzees and Mountain gorillas live side by side in the same home range. It is possible to hear hoot pants and chimp screams or the howling Black and white colubus monkeys. We will start the morning walk to the River Munyaga waterfalls as we start the morning Blue monkey trail with the resident guides. The walk on a clear path takes about 3 hours and on the walk, you may see red tailed monkeys, Blue monkey, l’hoest monkeys, Black and white colubus, baboons and probably, the wild chimpanzees. You later return in the early afternoon for a late lunch, before dinner and overnight at the Gorilla’s Resort Camp.


Day Nine:            The gorilla trekking this day, starts after breakfast. The gorilla trackers, guides and Uganda wildlife support staff will head the tracking experience to find the mountain gorillas for you. Later, the trek through the forest will finally yield the family of Mountain gorillas, feeding in the impenetrable jungle. You will view the gorillas as close as 7 meters and this will go on for roughly an hours. Later, from a short walk away from the gorilla family, you will have a bush lunch break for your picnic packed meal, before heading back to the gorilla’s Resort for diner and overnight.


Day Ten:               Breakfast at the lodge and later, head north through the Ishasha plains of Queen Elizabeth national park. The drive is through an area of wildlife, where you may see Topi, tree climbing lions, Uganda Kob, Cape Buffalo or the Elephants, on the main road into the Maramagambo forests. At the forest margins close to the main road, you may also see more of the red-tailed monkeys and the Olive Baboons that enjoy sitting on the track. In the afternoon, you transfer to the Karinzu forest where you will have your first chimping experience . The chimpanzee trek in this part of the forest is through a think forest that is usually misty and teems with other primates. After the afternoon chimpanzee trekking at Karinzu, proceed to your overnight accommodations for dinner and overnight at the Katara Lodge.


Day Eleven:              Morning breakfast and transfer to the briefing point where the walk into the Chambura gorge starts. The gorge is characterized by the tall trees that fight for sunlight at the top, while the vines fro the tree tops support a healthy chimpanzee population that can be seen swinging through the forest. You will most likely, see another family of chimpanzees that resides in this part of the gorge. Other animals in the gorge include Hippos and some birds, that can be seen in the canopy from the top of the gorge. Meals and overnight at Katara Lodge.



Day Twelve:               Breakfast at the lodge and transfer to through the Uganda Equator point in Queen Elizabeth National Park.  The Baboons are usually spotted in the euphobia trees near the Uganda Wildlife Authority headquarters. Later, proceed to Kibale forest arriving for lunch at the Chimpanzee Guest House.  The evening, equipped with flashlights, transfer to the forest with a ranger guide to start the night walk in the forest, as the search for the world’s smallest primates begins. The eyes of the galagos and bush babies are usually seen in the dark, following the reflections from the flashlights. It is also possible to see night jars, forest elephants and the African Civet cat on this walk. Meals and overnight at Chimpanzee Guest House.

Day Thirteen:            The morning walk in Kibale starts immediately after breakfast, then the morning chimp trek starts with a walk on a forest trail looking for signs of a chimpanzee group. Soon, the noisy cousins of the forest, are heard yelling and vocalizing deep in the forest as they feed on the fruiting figs. Viewing of the chimps takes another 6o minutes before seeing more of the other primates like the endangered Red colubus only found in this forest in Uganda. Red tailed monkeys, Black and white colobus and many others. Later, heading back to base for meals and overnight at the Chimpanzee Guest House.


Day Fourteen:             After breakfast, the drive to Kampala, takes about 4 hours. The evening is spent relaxing at the spa at your Hotel in Kampala to recover from the strenuous gorilla treks, as well as the energy zapping chimping experience. Overnight at the Lake Victoria Serena Hotel.


Day Fifteen:                The driver guide will be ready to transfer to the airport after your breakfast at the Lodge. Transfer time is roughly 40 minutes along the second largest Inland fresh water Lake in the world.


Price per person, subject to accommodation level chosen.


Options available: Luxury, Mid-range and Basic or Budget safari.