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Rwanda Safaris
Rwanda Africa! The country of a thousand hills, occupied with luxuriant flora and thick rain forests. The nation is reknown for its mountain  gorilla safari which inhabit the Volcanoes National Park, offering fantastic gorilla tracking chances for those on safari to Rwanda – this is the Rwanda you wish to go through. Experience the beauty and adventure of a one on one close up encounters with wild mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, golden monkeys, cape buffalo and maybe, leopard…This is the reborn Africa`s new safari destination featuring a theme of Eco-tourism, based on gorilla safaris and a rich culture of cultural tourism experiences.


Parc De Volcanoes

Located in the northern extremes of Rwanda’s border with Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, The gorilla park,   gorilla tracking Parc National Des Volcans is at an average altitude of about 15,000 feet, It dense all year around mountain vegetation of a tropical rainforest. This Bamboo covered sanctuary, is famous for the conservation efforts of Dian Fossey who stayed here, in the Mountains, studying the Mountain gorillas of Rwanda and Uganda before she was murdered at Karisoke in 1985.  This is the location, where the movie, the gorillas in  the mist was shot on location and is home to the endangered Mountain Gorillas that inhabit the slopes of the Virunga Volcanoes.


Nyungwe Forest National Park

Another typical rain forest close to the border with Burundi. The Nyungwe is an Important primates destination which is important for birdwatching. Over 228 forest bird species have been recorded here, which include some of the west African Albertine endemics. There is the newly introduced canopy walk which allows for leaf line exploration seeing the birds, primates and monkeys of the forest. The Uwinka trail at Nyungwe is used by the forest guides to trek the Chimpanzees on the forest walk.  The other species of monkeys seen in the forests include the Angola colubus monkeys and the different water falls and nature walks of Gisakura Tea Estate, Kamiranzovu and Bigugu trails.


Akagera National Park

Named after the river which breaks away by its eastern edge, Akagera National Park is Rwanda’s solution to the famous savannah reserves of Kenya, Tanzania and the comparable.  In contrast to the remainder of the country, the area is comparatively warm and lowland, and its rolling plains hold up a cover of dense, broad-leaved woodland interlarded with fainter acacia woodland and patches of rolling grassland decorated evocatively with stands of the superficially cactus-like Euphorbia candelabra bush. There are plans to reintroduce the Lions that had been hunted into extinction, while the game drives in the park feature the giraffe, warthogs, Eland, Uganda Kob, Cape Buffalo and Zebra. Shoebills and other swamp species of birds can be seen here.