Congo Gorilla Safari


The Virunga National Park is part of the Volcanoes Gorilla Sanctuary system on the Democratic republic of Congo area.

This park comprises of swamps, very old afro-montane forests, Ferns, Moss, extinct  and active volcanoes. It is also here that remaining wild and habituated populations of Mountain gorillas live alongside other forest animals. The Volcanoes of the Virunga some of which are shared with Rwanda, Include the active Nyamuragira and Nyiragongo Volcanoes that erupt occasionally.

The vegetation in the Virungas includes giant heather and Lobelias while the Wildlife in this park includes Mountain Gorillas, elephants, cape buffalo, Golden Monkeys, Chimpanzees, albertrine endemic birds and other wildlife.

The headquarters for this Mountain Gorilla Park are situated at Djomba where the briefing usually takes place.

Mountain Gorilla groups in the Democratic Republic of Congo

The following are presently the habituated Gorilla groups.

Kabirizi Gorilla group with 33 gorillas is the biggest Mountain Gorilla group presently in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This group is followed by the Rugendo group that had some of its members killed in July 2007. This group of Mountain gorillas is currently with 9 individuals. These include 2 Silverbacks and it is believed that this group may split in future.

Mapuwa Gorilla Group has 14 Mountain Gorillas,

Munyaga gorilla group comprises of 5 individuals,

Humba gorillas are presently 10 in number,

Lulengo Lulengo  7

Rugendo 5